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Beck Thompson | Speaker | Trauma recovery

The Other Side of Trauma

"To truly transform my life I had to focus on who I wanted to become and not what had happened to me"

Beck's powerful story from trauma to triumph and her unique ability to look within to transform her life will inspire you to face your own pain and empower you to live a life you deserve.

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From panic to calm

I endured six long years of chronic anxiety and panic disorder.

Then I discovered there were specific steps I could take to learn how to bring my life back to calm.

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Childhood trauma speaker

How teachers saved me

Primary teacher and childhood abuse survivor Beck's story is a potent one with a powerful message for all schools!

"This is a story that needs to be told and heard by every teacher who has ever doubted that they have the power to make a difference" -Denise, Primary Teacher, QLD

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What people have said about Beck

"To a full room of intrigued audience members, Beck shared her story. In the most respectful and professional manner, Beck spoke of the complex trauma that she had suffered as a child and young adolescent, at the hands of those who should have been there to love, nurture and protect her but instead – hurt her in unimaginable ways. She spoke also of the safe haven that was offered by teachers and schools and how this helped to lead to her becoming the impressive, intuitive, empathetic and caring adult and parent that she is today. Beck is a clear example that trauma-aware thinking and practice in schools is vital – and can lead to students living with the outcomes of complex trauma – having very different life trajectories. Beck’s courage in sharing her story is impressive. Yet when you chat with Beck – she is less focussed on herself and more focussed on making a change for others who have been through similar harm. Beck has reminded us yet again that our children and young people who have lived through this type of trauma are “worth it” and we must continue to adapt our processes in schools to support their recovery and growth."
- Dr Judith Howard Senior Lecturer, QUT Australia

"Beck is the definition of authenticity. Her story will have you captivated from ‘hello’ and her courage to share her own story will liberate your own story" - Deb, SA

"You have so much inspiring courage" - Rebecca, QLD

"Amazing and courageous" - Kristy, VIC

"Beck’s story is one we all need to hear, a real story from the heart with vulnerability, emotion, strength and an incredibly powerful message that everyone can take something away" - Warren, VIC


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